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Cereal Snacks

Kellogg’s cereal snacks are real favourites. Find out more about which products to stock to drive stronger sales, together with information about nutrition content and merchandising options.

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Pringles are a family favourite and a best-seller. This ever popular brand can provide a tasty treat for your customers at lunchtime and in the afternoon. 

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Gianna Regonini, our Expert in Leisure

I joined the Travel & Leisure channel only a few months ago but I already love the fast paced nature of this industry! My favourite Kellogg’s snack is Pringles 40g, a truly tasty and fulfilling snack to bust hunger on the go! Do you stock this well-loved brand on your transport??

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Hi, I am Gianna and here at Kellogg’s I’m responsible for the day-to-day management of the Travel & Leisure sector