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Cereal Snacks

Kellogg’s cereal snacks are real favourites. Find out more about which products to stock to drive stronger sales, together with information about nutrition content and merchandising options.

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Pringles are a family favourite and a best-seller. This ever-popular brand can provide a tasty treat for your customers.

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Alex Tye, Our Expert in Vending

Since starting the role several months ago, I have had a great feel for the industry and the diverse requirements it demands. Different Vending machines and QSRs require different ranges for the need states of their consumers; fortunately Kellogg’s have something for everyone from a Healthier CQUIN compliant Special K Protein bar to a great treat with Squares bars.

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Hi I’m Alex, here at Kellogg’s I’m responsible for our Vending and QSR business.

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