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Our best-selling cereals offer something that appeals to a wide range of your customers. See our recommended ranges and drive sales using our simple to follow and effective planograms.

Recommended Range Planograms

Cereal Snacks

Kellogg’s cereal snacks are real favourites and can really help boost your business and offer your customers real choice. Find out more about our suggested ranges and how best to lay out your snacks fixtures.

Recommended Range Planograms


Pringles are a real family favourite and are a best-seller. This ever popular brand can drive extra sales for your business. See which flavours to stock and how best to display them here.

Recommended Range Planograms

Featured Product


New Special K Protein Bars made with natural protein-rich ingredients are available in 2 flavours: blackcurrant & pumpkin seeds or coconut, cocoa & cashew nuts.

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New Pringles Rice Fusion


Pringles biggest innovation in four years, a new rice based crisp to carry eastern-inspired flavours.

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