About Us

Kellogg’s Vantage has been live since January 2015, born out of a compliance and regulatory obligation. Since then, the site has evolved to become a ‘one stop shop’ for all you need to know about Kellogg’s products in the Convenience Retail and Catering Channels (Foodservice).

At Vantage we combine tools with information to give you the support you need to drive your business.


1. Helping to Inform

We can help inform you of the appropriate products to stock for your customers’ needs in breakfast and snacking, whether you are in the convenience or foodservice industries.


2. Helping to Support

We can help you to develop your business in retail and catering by sharing insights, advice, guidance and access to tools and POS to help improve your business performance.


3. Helping to Inspire

We can help provide genuine expertise and real life testimony that demonstrates what ‘excellent’ looks like.